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SPECIALIZED EATING PROGRAMS with no lengthy preparation times that will ensure your motivation to stay on track with our delicious weight loss menu.

STOP GUESSING & USE THE TRUE SCIENCE OF WEIGHT LOSS! Losing excess weight has been shown to improve diabetes treatment outcomes., people with high cholesterol levels and people with high blood pressure. It may be difficult to stay motivated, to persist with your kilojoule restricted diet and to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle.


In some cases, doctors may prescribe weight loss medication to help suppress your appetite and reduce your calorie intake. Proslim program has tools to help you track your weight and measurements on a weekly basis. While getting the necessary expert advice, tips and support to keep you motivated on your path to attaining and maintaining your goal weight.

Having practiced for almost a decade he has specialized in Weight Management, Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health and Nutrition in Pregnancy and hundreds of amazing body transformations are you sure to be in the best hands to accompany you through this journey.

Combine Louiie's expertise and years of experience with your willingness to be your best and you're sure to achieve the ultimate body transformation.